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Phu Quoc (and other “primitive” breeds) behavior and personality

Phu Quoc dogs communicate A LOT

To be clear, what is meant by “primitive dog” is a breed of dog whose ancestral primitive nature is still intact. These dogs weave through the traditional breed groups making a pretty tapestry of shapes, sizes, and histories. But when you break them all down, a similar independent, sensitive, wise old soul is back there, ready to tell you that they know better.

Life with primitive dogs is a little different than life with other breeds. Sure, they are all dogs. But life with primitive dogs isn’t an owner/pet relationship, it’s more like a roommate agreement.
They have their particular wants and needs and if you fail to understand them and find a way to manage them, you will most likely end up with a huge problem on your hands.
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Chó Phú Quốc Standards

I understand that the Vietnamese Kennel Association has had some challenges in determining the exact regulations regarding the standard of the Phu Quoc breed.
With the help of Google Translate I managed to find a document on their website ‘Phu Quoc: The Standard No. 001 / VN / 09.20.2009 of VKA‘ unfortunately it is written in Vietnamese, so I can’t read it. If anyone can read it, or provide an English version, please contact me so I can update this blog.

While waiting for final confirmation from the VKA, the following is based on the proposed standard, that is (was?) under consideration by the VKA.

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