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Puppy Training

Does any of the following sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, then this course if for you!
Or, maybe you just need to brush up on how to raise a puppy. In any case, it’s free so you may as well have a look.

You are bringing your new young puppy home for the first time. You put him on the living room floor and, like the true puppy he is, he starts sniffing and wandering around. No harm there. Then he sees a table leg. This looks interesting and, after smelling it, he starts to lightly chew on it. He’s doing what all puppies do: investigating his environment using the physical tools he has at his disposal.
In this regard he is no different from you, me or a two-year-old child. However, since he doesn’t have hands, he will put things in his mouth a bit more frequently than most people.

When you see the puppy chewing the table, you tell him something similar to, “Hey, no, stop that.” The puppy ignores you, seeing this, you repeat your “command.” “Hey, no! Stop!” The puppy continues to chew and you walk over and gently push him away from the table. The puppy looks at you, walks three or four steps away, and then squats and pees. You yell “No!” pick him up and take him out in the backyard, where you put him down and in a stern voice say, “Bad dog, go out here, not inside.”

Sign up for the course to explore and learn how to raise a dog – the right way, or at least a less wrong way.

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